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greyeyedminerva  did it, so I suppose I shall too!

Book Quizzzah!Collapse )

And let me just say, everyone should read A Confederacy of Dunces.  It is frickin' hilarious!
Uh, so yeah. I have not posted in quite a while. Sorry.

Not much going on in my life right now.

I'm missing having friends near me. And I'm missing having friends that exist in forms other than "over the internet". But, I suppose that is my own fault.

On the upside, Mieko came back a while ago and she's really sweet and soft. :D She also likes to bite my phone. I'm not quite sure why... I licked it, and it definitely does not taste good. O.o?
Okay, so I gave in and watched 'The Dark Knight' today. I need to remember that I should keep my mouth shut during movies. I guessed every major plot twist and most of the minor ones too. :( But, as predicted, Heath Ledger was simply captivating.

Jul. 4th, 2008

I saw a preview for "The Dark Knight" today. And I cried. That is all.
So, this is it. Out of the nest and into the big unknown. The next time I post, I will live in Orlando, FL. Yay me!
OMG, best way to waste, like, thirty minutes: http://www.20q.net/simpsons/
A 20 Questions online game for 'The Simpsons'!
A) my cat just made a barking noise. It was very strange.
Two) having holes punched in your face is a very odd feeling.
4) I do not like nursing homes.

That is all.
Dear local car inspection company,
Waiting to be picked up is never fun, but I've been a good sport about it. Now, arriving five or ten or even twenty minutes after when we agreed to meet is understandable. But over an hour?!! Yes, I know I'm just a girl and I understand that your priority is to pick up and drop off business men, but give me a darn break! I have crap I need to do too!
Yours in annoyance,
Me and my sunburn



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